Your broker will be wealthier if your clients are more successful.

Welcome to DSPRO

We develop Algo Trade systems for forex.
Our goal is to enable any broker to use our trading systems.
And allow YOU to get portfolio management systems that will make money for your clients and you.
Also, you will have the option to create more commissions with the help of robots that open hundreds of commands a day.

Limassol, Cyprus


What are we doing?

We provide brokers with trading systems (trading robots) for MT4 that know how to trade and make profits for the broker’s clients.

How does this help you?

Customers are active all of the time.

Our robots will make your customers make money and stay in the market 24/7.


Our robots will do a lot of trading for your customers. More operations mean more trading commissions that you will earn from.

Full automation

You do not have to manipulate the robots, ensure they work, analyze and improve them. We will take care of this for you. The only thing you have to do is expose your customers to the robots we will provide you with!


Some of the brokers who work with us

Our expertise

We have developed robots.

We have developed dozens of robots in recent years for personal and consumer use


Each robot is optimized to bring maximum profit.


The robots were tested on dozens of pairs and dozens of parameters to find the robots with the most steady results

Risk Management

Each robot operates under risk management aimed at stopping the robot in the event of a change in its profitability situation.

High-quality data

All studies were performed on quality data to achieve the best and most stable results.

Adaptation to customer needs

Each customer can build himself a portfolio based on several robots depending on his level of risk.

Expertise on many platforms

We have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide variety of platforms. Our robots are also working on several platforms.

The benefits of working with us

Why work with us?

Experts with extensive experience

Our team has many years of experience developing and researching automated trading robots.

Successful robots

The robots will be provided to you only after researching, optimizing, and conducting live trading on real money.

Full support

Full support all the way




Average return per month


Our range of robots

20 years

of experience in the field

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What do our customers say?

Thank you. Your robots have helped many customers make money and stay with us for years.
I would like to thank DSPRO. They provided us with five successful robots for our important customers. Thanks to you, we retained our customers and recruited more customers.
Terry Franklin