How do we test if the robot is stable and good

As a team that has developed robots for over ten years, we have created a system whereby we test every robot before running it on demo or live profile.

You can also do these tests on the robot you have developed or found online. They are simple and easy to perform.

From experience, a robot that meets these conditions will be much more successful than its own robot.

Running a robot on a live profile before you check these tests is dangerous and can cause you a great loss.

So what we are testing in a trading robot:

1. Does the robot contain parameters of all kinds of time periods, such as trampling or trend

2. Can the robot stop trading at periods that are not suitable for it.

3. Check if it is possible to take the exit values ​​from the transaction directly from the graph and not defined beforehand – otherwise, we will need to optimize each period anew.

4. If the robot is running on external TP SL output values ​​- we will investigate the robot over a long period of time to find the best TP SL averages for all times – we will be with the most stable robot, not the most profitable possible.

5. We will run the robot for testing on a blind series – a period of time not researched. For example, if we ran the robot from 2018 to 2021 inclusive, after that, we will try to run the robot in 2012 and check if it passes without loss. If we did not go through a period of blind series in peace (not talking about earning, only about not losing) we will be able to say that the robot is fitted for the current period and if a year like 2012 comes  – then we will lose.

6. We will test the robot for 2020 and 2008 – years that are known to be very volatile due to the Subprime crisis and the corona.

If the robot has passed all the above tests successfully, without loss,

So the robot is excellent, ready to run on live trading, and we can rest assured with great certainty about its success.

And if not, then we will correct and improve the strategy so that it meets all the above conditions.

For any questions, feel free to contact us by email on the Contact Us Page.

Thank you!

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