The benefits of trading with a robot

A. Zero screen hours

The robot trades for you – just like you in the same strategy 24 hours a day, even when you are at work or at a meal with your family!

B. Zero emotions

The robot sticks to the strategy and trades with zero emotions which prevents the possibility of losses due to human feelings.

C. Perfect risk management

The robot does what has always been set for it – no emotions, no gambling, no attempt to take revenge on the market. Once you set up management risk the robot will always stick to it.

D. Examining past performance

You can test the robot on different assets and previous years. Examine how the robot operated in each market situation. Depending on the results you can upgrade the strategy – you will know how to work and earn each time in the market.

H. Trading on multiple assets simultaneously

Ability to trade a lot of assets and pairs at the same time while maintaining high execution speed and risk management.

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